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The island Altamura ,sinaloa Mexico is an island in the Sea of ​​Cortes

altamura Island

The island Altamura, Mexico is an island in the Sea of ​​Cortez. Located in the Bay of Santa Maria in the coastal state of Sinaloa, southwest of the island Saliaca, which separates it from a bass. Is 70 km west of Culiacan. Is 101.17 square kilometers, about 40 km long and its width varies from 900 meters to 3.7 km. It is one of the largest private islands in the world.
Altamura Island is an island in the Sea of ​​Cortez in the state of Sinaloa, 220 miles north of Mazatlan, 70 km west of Culiacan, the state capital. More precisely, is at a latitude of 25 - 07 'N, the length is 108 - 20' W in the SM table 604 Merchant Marine, 200 kilometers north of the Tropic of Cancer in the Gulf of Baja California .

The island is located an hour and a half away from the U.S. border. From Mexico City you can fly on a plane to Culiacan, the nearest city with international and domestic flights. Small planes and helicopters can be provided from the city of Culiacan in Altamura (15 minutes).

Altamura Island is a barrier island formed by open ocean beaches, sand dunes, bushes and forests, grasslands, mangroves, estuaries with its partners, forests, bays, beaches and small islands or islets. The island is approx. 25,000 acres in size (almost twice the size of Manhattan!), A 50 km long and its width varies between 2 and 4 kilometers. It is not potable (drinking) water at all.

Isla de Altamura is one of the areas of land are very few on the planet that has not been corrupted by man. Its location in the sub-tropical zone of northwest Mexico makes Altamura Island in a unique position in the Gulf of Baja California. It is an important area for Pacific Flyway migration of birds annually. Being part of the complex of Santa Maria Bay, the area has a variety of marine life, including small species in the inland waters of the largest species in the Sea of ​​Cortez, including whales.

The island is currently running on a cattle ranch. It is an ideal place for hunting and fishing, deer to ducks, geese and white-winged doves. Marlin and sailfish can be caught in the Gulf grouper, sea bass, snapper, etc in the waters of the bay.

Altamura Island is a paradise for water sports like water skiing, sailing, kite and windsurfing, kayaking and paragliding over the sand dunes. The vast undeveloped land is also ideal for walks and picnics scans on four wheels, and in the dunes, beach and along the estuary. Horseback riding is also available.

You could build individual bungalows on the island, with the support of a beach club downtown that offer the services needed food and beverage, entertainment, a bungalow next to all spa services of the highest environmental standards and Luxury

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Isla de Altamura
Region 6: Central America - Mexico

Category: Islands

Size: approx. 25,000 acres
Price: USD 35,000,000
Location: Sea of Cortez, State of Sinaloa

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